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R&D Virtual Studios is a new company whose goal is to improve the online experience of shopping for a home. While static photographs do a fair job of showing off a property, it takes an awful lot of them, frequently thirty or more, to get a true feeling for the layout of a home. This can get tiring for customers as they piece together room after room, house by house. With our dynamic photos, far fewer photos are needed to show shoppers around and gives them a much better understanding of the size and relative location of each room. We as customers find this is an easier and more exciting way of looking for a home and allows us to see everything WE really want to see. And of course, this is really great for out of town shoppers to find their next home as well.


And this makes the selling experience better for realtors. Time is money in the sales business and the time taken to do a walk through of the wrong home is time that could have been spent starting the paperwork to get your customer into the home of their dreams. Help your customers find what they really want by showing off your listings the way they really want to see them. Do you have an iPad or an Android tablet? Then really knock their socks off by viewing the home right there in your office allowing them a 360 degree view using your tablet as a moveable window! How much driving and walk through time did this just save you? And when they get to the house they really wanted to see, how much time do they really need to be there before they realize, it's just like the pictures? And if they've already viewed it from home before they called you, you're that much closer to closing the deal. How many more properties can you handle with the time you just saved?

That's what we thought and that's what we're about.